Depending on the need of each and every family and/or ultra-high net worth individual:

• Family, Wealth, Legacy holistic assignments (strategies, structures, systems, special needs)

• Destinations elaborated from the viewpoint of tax, legal and other considerations

• In a nutshell: Asset Protection; Destination Selection; Family Governance


PHASE I - DEFINE: This is the phase where we together with you define: “What your priorities are & most urgent issues that you like to tackle first & objective of the assignment” 

  STARTING POINT: Our proprietary questionnaire  

PHASE II - DEVELOP:   We develop the framework of an assignment and put it in writing for you to further clarify: the objective of the assignment, outputs, milestones, timeline, and responsibilities. 

PHASE III - DELIVER: We deliver the promised value to you; by executing and delivering our assignment and providing you the needed follow up as per your wishes  


The assignment is charged on a project basis, unless you prefer an hourly/daily rate. The assignment starts from the “Define” process and is concluded by the “Deliver” process. We make sure that you get value for your money!


ASSIGNMENTS delivered to date for “FAMILY & GROUP CLIENTS”:  

• Identifying best-fit global destinations for continued family & group investments  

• Identifying best-fit alternative investing strategy going forward and best potential targets (investment managers) to acquire


Depending on the priority need identified; likely assignments would be:  

• Tailored-made assignments for family principals;  

• Assignments for family office needs;  

• Information on best practices 


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